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Tables on a single base – why choose them?

Tables on a single base – why choose them?

Increasingly, the owners of restaurants, cafes and bars are deciding to buy single-base tables for a reason. By choosing a table with one leg, you can optically enlarge the space and give the interior an original and aesthetic character. It does not resemble the classic rectangular tables we have got used to. It is an interesting and practical element in the equipment of gastronomic premises.

Advantages of single base tables

A table with a single base is interesting and elegant at the same time arrangement element. Ideally suited for restaurants and cafes where single clients or people in small groups of up to 4 come. Most often people do not they will sit at a busy table, although there is a lot of space. They prefer to choose free tables, where they can eat their meal in peace – therefore the lack of free tables may discourage them from stay in the place. A good solution in this case is to buy tables at single base – especially in cafes where customers look to drink morning coffee or in snack bars, where we gladly visit them e.g. during breakfast break.

The advantage of tables with a single base is also the comfort of sitting. They do not restrict movement, and the guests sitting at dinner have a lot of leg room. Tables with one leg can have a round or square top, and their leg is relatively slim and most often matches the top. & Nbsp; A single leg optically increases the space in the interior of the restaurant, which matches the industrial style. The usefulness of such tables is also worth emphasizing. Their top can be easily and smoothly unfolded, while the structure remains unwaveringly stable.

For what style do tables with one leg fit?

Tables for single-base restaurants are great solution for premises with a small space, because choosing this type of furniture you can increase the number of free tables and also optically enlarge space.

Tables with one leg fit into the interiors in the industrial style, where the valued is large space, simple additions and minimal color combination. In combination with interesting additions will make the place take on a unique character. An ideal combination for tables with a pedestal will also be furniture in the Scandinavian style. Simple decor, where the main one the accent is wood and bright accessories, it is very popular not only at home, but also in gastronomic establishments. Scandinavian chair with a simple one design is very comfortable and will perfectly match a table with a single pedestal. No You can forget about nice, interesting accessories that will add variety to the cool interior design. They will do for this glass elements, hanging lamps from the ceiling with a long cable, or classic plants.

Single table basis – what chairs and additions to this?

For tables with a single base, an excellent choice will be e.g. restaurant chairs of the “cross” type. You can also bet on comfortable and charming armchairs with pastel, calm shades. Despite the fact that the table does not have large area, even 4 people can sit down next to it, and eat the meal will be comfortable. It is worth considering decorating the table a small element, e.g. candles, a tall vase with fresh flowers, or also a glass jar with pebbles. Wooden tables with a single base no require placing a tablecloth or oilcloth on the counter.

Table with a single base – what shape the table top?

There are tables with a single base and different top shapes. It can be a round table, an oblong table or a square table. The shape of the table is important in planning the space and type of interior. What the shape of the top is best to choose to preserve the greatest aesthetics, and at the same time get the most practical benefits?

Round table

Round tables with a single leg are more ergonomic. With a comparable countertop area, they offer more usable space than longitudinal and square models. Sitting at a round table also has symbolic significance – everyone at the round table is equal.   A circle is a shape that symbolizes openness to others and goodwill. However, such tables are not a good idea & nbsp; in a small room because they are less adjustable and take up more space.

Square table

The square table is suitable for 4 people. This is a table model that will be much better in smaller rooms. It doesn’t take up much space.

At the same time it is characterized by high comfort and practicality. Square tables are used not only in small gastronomic establishments. Also in apartments with a small space, they are well suited.

Longitudinal table  

It can be a rectangular or oval table. Because for a larger surface on the countertop, it is suitable not only for eating meals and drinking coffee, but also for daily activities such as learning, work, social games or conversations with friends.

What to look for at Buying a table with a single base?

When buying a table with a single stand, it is worth paying attention to a few important ones issues that decide on the quality of the table with a single base. They are above all all

  • Material countertop performance – it determines the strength and aesthetics of the countertop. Most tables made of oak or wood are durable and look good beech.
  • Material frame construction – a very important issue, because of what it is made base, determines the stability and durability of the structure. Worth choosing pedestal made of good quality steel.
  • Painting powder coated on a frame – thanks to the powder painting technique the coating has very good mechanical and high properties resistance to chemical agents.
  • Shape countertop – tables are the most practical and give the most space square. However, round tables will also be a good addition to the interior of the premises or home.
  • Weight single leg table – a table with a lot of weight will be more stable.
  • Dimensions countertop – indicate how much space is on the table, the most popular sizes are 60 x 60, 70 x 70 and 80×80.
  • Coating with varnish on the countertop – & nbsp; the table top should be covered with durable transparent varnish to protect the surface against water and   scratches.
  • Single base table warranty – we make sure that in the event of unexpected destruction the equipment can be returned to be replaced new or get a refund.

Please note that the table is one of the most important additions in the equipment restaurant, kitchen or living room. & nbsp; It so choose it so that it perfectly matches the interior of the room and provided convenience while eating meals.