Square table base 45×45 cm, pedestal, leg


Tables with a single base perfectly fit into industrial dining outlets. They are very well suited to restaurant chairs “cross” . They are ideal for gaining additional space in the interior. The leg we offer allows you to fold such a table in a restaurant or even in your own home.

Why choose our table pedestal u?

The pedestal is suitable for mounting a table top with a round or square base with a maximum size of 80 x 80 cm. Also works well for dimensions 60 x 60 cm, 70 x 70 cm and others. The table leg weighs 17 kg, and its height is 720 mm . The pedestal for the table is made of good quality steel, thin sheet metal and rubber were not used , as in the case of Chinese substitutes. The table leg is powder coated in any color from the RAL palette . Thanks to the powder painting technique, the coating has very good mechanical properties and high resistance to chemical agents. In the case of uneven cobblestones or floors, the table pedestal has leveling feet . The industrial base is packed in cartons that protect the product from scratching. The set includes a post, 2 screws for screwing the lower base and 2 screws for screwing the upper base.

If you need a different color than black, please write us about it when ordering!


  • For a table max 80×80 cm,
  • Covering with any RAL color
  • Total weight is about 17 kg,
  • Has feet for level adjustment,
  • The upper base has holes for mounting the countertop, there are 8. The dimensions of the upper base are 250 x 250 x 4 mm,
  • The cross section of the post is 70 x 70 x2 mm,
  • The bottom base is sheet metal measuring 450 x 450 mm, 6 mm thick,
  • Kit for own assembly.


Square table base – why choose it?

Increasingly, the owners of restaurants, cafes and bars are deciding to buy single-base tables for a reason. By choosing a table with one leg, you can optically enlarge the space and give the interior an original and aesthetic character. It does not resemble the classic rectangular tables we have got used to. Square table base is an interesting and practical element in the equipment of gastronomic premises.


Advantages of single base tables

A table with a single base is an interesting and elegant element of arrangement. Ideally suited to restaurants and cafes where individual customers or individuals in small groups of up to 4 people come. Most often, people will not sit down at a busy table, although there is a lot of space. Rather, they prefer to choose free tables, where they can eat their meal in peace – therefore the lack of free tables may discourage them from staying in the premises. A good solution in this case is to buy tables with a single base – especially in cafes, where customers go to drink morning coffee or in snack bars, where we gladly visit them, e.g. during the breakfast break.

The advantage of tables with a single base is also that they give comfort sitting, do not restrict movement, and the guests sitting at dinner have a lot of leg space. Tables with one leg can have a round or square top, and their leg is relatively slender and most often matches the top. A single leg optically increases the space in the interior of the restaurant, which matches the industrial style. The usefulness of such tables is also worth emphasizing. Their top can be easily and smoothly unfolded, while the structure remains unwaveringly stable.

What style do tables with one leg fit in?

Single base restaurant tables are a great solution for small spaces. By choosing this type of furniture, you can increase the number of free tables and optically enlarge the space.

Tables with one leg fit into the interiors in the industrial style, where a large space, simple accessories and a minimal combination of colors are valued. Combined with interesting additions, it will give the place a unique character. Scandinavian style furniture will also be a perfect combination with tables and pedestals. Simple decor, where the main accent is wood and bright accessories. It is very popular not only at home, but also in gastronomic establishments. A Scandinavian chair with a simple design is very comfortable and will perfectly match a table with a single pedestal. You can’t forget about nice, interesting accessories that will add variety to the cool interior design. Glass elements, hanging lamps from the long-ceilinged ceiling, or classic plants are suitable for this.

Table with a single base – what chairs and accessories for this?

For tables with a single base, the perfect choice will be, for example, restaurant chairs like “cross” . You can also bet on comfortable, charming armchairs with pastel, calm shades. Despite the fact that the table does not have a large surface, even 4 people can sit next to it. Eating a meal will be comfortable. It is worth considering decorating the table with a small element, e.g. candles, a tall vase with fresh flowers, or a glass jar with pebbles. Wooden tables with a single base do not require placing a tablecloth or oilcloth on the table top.

Additional information

Weight 17 kg
Dimensions 45 × 45 × 72 cm


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